Bake A Cake Everyday

From Kids to Elderly, everyone loves to relish a bite of cake irrespective of any flavors.

Cake falls under the category of  primary desserts and often we love  to have delicious and yummy cake after meals. But Baking a Cake is a tough task, so usually we avoid baking at home as it is time consuming and often we fear about how it’s going to turn up because we are investing our precious time and efforts as well as costly ingredients.

But Pillsbury has proved that Anyone Can Cake without creating that messy kitchen or necessity of having an oven in the kitchen. With Pillsbury Cake Mixes, Making or Baking A Cake is no more complicated or tough.


I am not at all a baking expert or regular cake maker, but after I experimented this Pillsbury Eggless Cooker Cake, I was super confident that I can make a CAKE everyday without any hush-hush.

Only 3 things are required to make Pillsbury Eggless Cooker Cake – Mix, Steam and Serve. It is a chocolate flavoured mix cake powder.


Now, Let’s make a delicious cooker cake in few Simple & Easy Steps :-

What we need to keep ready – Pillsbury Cake Mix,  120ml Milk, 30ml Vegetable Oil, Pressure Cooker, Pan.

Mix the powder with 2 spoons of oil, and 120 ml of milk and prepare a batter. Batter should not be thick or thin, it should be medium.


Take 5 inch vessel grease it with ghee/oil/butter in the bottom and sides.

Pour the batter spread it across the greased vessel.


Take the cooker pour water till 1 inch and immerse a stand which is about 1 inch.

Keep the greased vessel with batter on the stand and allow it to steam for 35 – 40 minutes. (Do not put on the whistle)

Keep cooker open for another 5 minutes and allow the smoke to escape.

Pick a spoon and keep it in the cake and check if it comes out without sticking then the cake is done.

Scrape the sides with a knife & flip the vessel to remove the cake


Decorate the cake with icing powder, colorful sprinkles provided with the cake mix or any other toppings of your choice.


Your Yummy Cake is ready to be served

Share with your loved ones and enjoy the yumminess of every bite.

Get Your Pillsbury Cake Mix from the your nearest available store of your choice. Some of the  recipes launched are Choco Idli Cake, Fridge CheeseCake and Cooker Cake.

Check out Pillsbury India on Various Social Media Platforms and get drooling recipes.

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