Go Natural, Go Ayurveda

Ever since when I was child, my Mom always believed in using Ayurvedic medicines as

the primary treatment to relieve me from any minor pains or health problems.

As a child, I was fed homemade churna and many other Ayurvedic medicines for easy

digestion, relief from fever, cold, cough and an overall healthy life. And why not,

because more than 80% of India’s population uses the traditional method for healing

known as Ayurveda.

The concept of Ayurveda has existed since the time of the Indus Valley

Civilization. Ayurveda is one of the few systems of medicine developed in ancient times

that is still widely practiced in the modern world. Post-independence, there was more

focus on Ayurveda and other traditional medical systems in India. Ayurveda became a

part of the Indian health care system, with state hospitals for Ayurveda established

across the country.

We have often heard – “Like Mother, Like Daughter” and that is true in my case too.

Yes, I am following the footsteps of my mother when it comes to looking after my

family’s healthcare.

In this digital world and me being a complete online shopper, I came across this site

– AllAyurveda.com, the world’s first Ayurvedic and natural wellness platform launched

back in 1998. For over 18 years, they have been successfully providing quality

products, consultations and valuable information about Ayurveda. It is a one stop portal for

all your needs related to Ayurveda and natural living including the widest product range

– Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicines, FMCG, Beauty Care, Child and Pregnancy Care

and Foods and Beverages


Beautiful, young and enthusiastic Jeevika Tyagi is currently the CEO

of AllAyurveda.com. She is connecting the modern world to Ayurveda for good health,

fitness and wellness.

I recently ordered Dr.Vaidya’s Shardi (Cold) Powder for safety purposes because I am

prone to colds due to change in seasons, allergies and infection from any surface

contaminated with cold or cough germs.


I am pretty impressed to see that it is made up of all-natural ingredients like Khadi

Shakkar (Rock Candy or Crystals) Bans apur, Piper (Long Pepper Fruit), Elaichi

(Cardamom), Taj (Cinnamon) and Jyesthimadhu (Licorice). This made me go down

memory lane because my Mom use to prepare this powder to relieve me from cough

and cough during my childhood.


Each and every product mentioned on the portal specifies a detailed Product

Description, Ingredients, Usage and its Benefits along with the Price. After the

registration process, one simply can add all the products in the cart to make the


Before buying or consuming any Ayurvedic medicines, always consult your Ayurvedic

doctor or natural health expert to better understand your body type.

You can connect with AllAyurveda.com on social media platforms for all the latest






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