Foam Home – Blend of Science and Luxury

Getting up too tensed and irritated with petty matters in office, having concentration problems and couldn’t understand what’s being taught in classroom, frustrated to extreme level because of those extra household works and fidgeting kids and being the crankiest and drowning to tears at no matters. All these behavioural issues one face because of those topsy turvy positions while sleeping and hence lack of comfortable sleep.

A good night’s sleep is what you come back to after a terrified day at work. You tend you get most peaceful if you rest at your bed comfortably well at the end of the day. While you travel the globe, but you still call your home, the sweetest one! Why? Because at the end of the day, you can rest on your bed and relax to start afresh the next day.

While sleeps plays such an important role in a person’s life, so does a sleeping bed and a mattress! Common Mattresses is the reason of poor nightly sleep. A poor sleep is just full of turning and tossing, discomfort and backaches. You just couldn’t get a peaceful sleep if you try to sleep on rock hard mattress which may be uneven and does not support your spine. A soft feel, evenly made and perfectly designed mattress is what it takes for the solitude you need at the end of the day. These features are necessary for your utmost comfort and luxury while you sleep. Better said than done, we rarely find all those features included in a good mattresses anywhere.

When searching for all these features included in excellent condition in a mattress, I came across Foam Home and made my visit to this showroom Foam Home, an Indian luxury mattress manufacturer! Impressed with their history in mattresses going back to the 1977, they are the one I was actually looking for. They design mattresses keeping in mind the needs of human comfort and luxury at its best.

Foam Home 2

While I was at the showroom I made a quick look on the latest range of mattresses they construct

*Body Sensor – A Right Mattress actually resists strain and fatigue, Body Sensor mattresses are made from a visco-elastic temperature-sensitive memory foam. Your spine maintains its natural alignment with full support, yet without any pressure.

*OrthoGel Mattresses -It is further divided into 3 parts – Visco Gel, Latex Gel or Ergo Gel constructed depending on body weight, relieve pressure points, ensuring a perfect balance between support and comfort.

foam home 4

*5 Zone – 5 Zone Latex Mattresses are made up of a combination of Natural and Synthetic Rubber, It is designed with embedded 5-Zone Construction to comfort you from head to feet.

*High Density Polyurethane Foam – 100% purity and 0% filler content, Pure, Strong and Long Lasting because this foam is the combination of softness and firmness to suit your body contours promising a sound sleep.


Further, the Senior Manager at the showroom explained me about the ERGOSHELL Technology which caught my attention and I got keen to understand how this system works

ERGOSHELL technology comprises of the Mattress Shell, The Supports Block and the Comfort layer, this technology is based on readings from Pressure Mapping Devices considering the age, lifestyle and weight of the average Indian.

The ERGOSHELL technology ensures that the mattresses can now be both, orthopaedic as well as luxurious, also in special cases it can be altered to suit as per individual requirements.

Traditional Mattresses does not provide right support because it is made up of uniform layer and this ERGOSHELL Technology makes your bed cozy and comfortable with supportive sleep system. The science behind the new technology is what deals with our every comfortable sleep need. It offers a superior and distinctive feel that one has to experience themselves to know what it offers for the best comfort in sleep.

foam home 3


Highlights of Ergoshell Technology:-

>ErgoShell Technology has received International patents

>ErgoShell Technology is 100% Made in India

>Best Sleep Technology introduced in India

>The ErgoShell Technology will be showcased in an International Trade Fair this month which takes place in every 2 years in Cologne, Germany.

What’s more, you can catch it all as it will be showcased to the world at the Interzum 2017 show in Cologne, Germany. Where in around 1500 participants from all over the world with a footfall of 60000 people during 4 days would do the needful.  It’s indeed a fabulous way to let the world get acquainted about this unexplored yet unique and impressive technology in mattresses which can make a huge difference.

So, when you are in need of the best mattress for yourself and your family for that perfect peaceful sleep, check in the ERGOSHELL technology by Foam Home. Which is exceptionally advanced right from manufacturing their mattresses to perfection and dealing with their customers in the most friendly way! Hence, for once stop solution of your peaceful, soulful sleep, now you just got a hint where you should head to!


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