Magical Hair Oil

In this stressful life, Hair Loss or Hair thinning is the most common problem in Mens and Womens today.

There are lots of factors that causes your hair fall excessively which mainly includes your lifestyle (diet, sleep etc) hormonal changes, pregnancy, hereditary and lack of proper care.


We simply don’t want to determine the right cause behind our hair fall, instead spend our pockets on buying expensive shampoo and hair oil, undergo hair fall therapy etc.

Few years ago, I had suffered this hair thinning which continued for almost a year, Loosing almost 100+ hair strands which was not normal. After trying all the expensive top brand hair oil, shampoos, I decided to try home remedies wherein I learnt to make this simple homemade hair oil from my mother in law.

What we need to make this magical hair tonic:-

Aloe Vera Gel

2 medium sized Bottle Gourd (Lauki) (Grated)

Lemons (4 or 5)

Fenugreek Seeds (Grinded)

Ragi or Nachni (Whole or grinded)

Coconut Oil (100ml)

Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry) (50ml)

Almond Oil (50ml)

Neem Oil (50ml)

>Extract the aloe vera gel from the leaf.

>Mix all the ingredients together in a big vessel and bring it to boil.

>You can stir in between and also keep an eye contact until the flame is on

>Once everything turns dark and burnt, you can off the flame.


I had used unwanted cotton dupatta or thin cloth to filter the oil, discard all the waste particles and then the oily dupatta/cloth can be used to apply the freshly made oil on your hair.


Most probably, you will see the color of the oil will be brown or dark brown.

And this oil worked wonders for me also made my hair length grow in short span of time that’s why i love to call it “Magical”

One should  massage the scalp regularly with this oil.  Massaging the scalp increases the circulation of blood in the scalp.

PS – You can also use fresh Amla available in the Market instead of using Amla Oil.


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