Parenting in the Indian way

Parents serve as a “Role Models”for all kids. Parents must lead a healthy habit and lifestyle so that the childrens are bound to follow the suit.

Healthy Food Habits

Offer your child raw vegetables and fruits from an early age. Do not introduce fried foods, too salty or too sweet preparations from early age. The list of unhealthy foods is too big but among that the worst is Cold Drinks (especially Colas) as it appears to be strongly associated with calcium deficiency in children due to high phosphorus content and also leads to bone fractures.

As a child grows older, explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy stuffs, repeatedly explain why it is not good to our system.

Let your child feed her own tummy in her own way, Don’t bother even if they create a mess because its temporary. Your child is likely to remain a spoon-fed baby,dependent on others, if you treat them as a baby for too long

A healthy mind and an independent personalities are even more important than a strong physique.


Regular Exercise

Exercise can take any form. Moderate physical activity in the early years reduces the risk of heart diseases in later age.

Encourage your child to take part in sports like football, baseball, badminton, hockey, cycle riding, basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. If your child shows inclination let them get involved in wrestling, karate, judo or athletics.

Weight bearing exercises/activities should be avoided in the early years.

The glow of good health is enjoyed by doing right exercises.

Adequate Sleep

A school going child who has to catch the bus at 7.00a.m. sleeps at 11.30 p.m.and wakes up at 6.15a.m. a mad rush for toilet, bath and dressing begins there onwards. The mother hands the child a glass of milk, she drinks few sips and leaves the rest, after the mother’s attempts she tries to finishes it and vomits out everything in hurry to catch the bus.

Young school going children need atleast 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night.Parents who follow the dictum “Early to bed, Early to rise” set the right tone for healthy living which is very beneficial in the long run.

Once you get the freshness of early morning, you never want to miss it again.

In Harmony with Nature 

Explain your child all about the nature and its wonders, Appreciate the beauty of nature and vastness of universe. Help them to understand that stars, sky, sunlight, moon is none other than our friends.Let your toddler get used to bath with cold water. Take them to beach and allow them to play in mud,sand and water. Join them in building sand castles as it is fun for the entire family.

Develop an Interest in Nature from very early age


Holidays Together/Quality Family Time

Holidaying does not always means choosing your dream destination, booking expensive hotels/flights its an opportunity to understand your childrens and spouse better doing fun things together in de-stress mode , it need not be necessarily be expensive affairs

Instead of spending money on holiday trip during expensive summer season,  a family I know installed an air conditioner at home in summer, father took 10days leave from office and spent quality time with childrens watching movies, cartoons, played indoor games, ordered food from hotels, visited friends and relatives.

Spending Quality family time balances everything perfectly.




One thought on “Parenting in the Indian way

  1. An interesting write up; a must for today’s picky eaters and digi gen. I have inculcated the habit of raw veggeis & 1 fruit a day with my kid…. Nature knowledge, physical activities and adequate sleep very crucial.


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