My Dream Home by Tata Housing

This blog-post of mine will serve as a great news for those who always aspired to experience the pleasure of living in Malabar Hills, one of the most prestigious address in Asia. For a budget as low as starting at Rs.1.55crores, you can now experience living in a healthy and luxurious locality which is prestigious as Malabar Hills.

Welcome to Pokran Road 2 in Thane, The Serein Project of Tata Housing is the next residential hub of Mumbai. Luxurious living will be redefined by this excellent project in Pokran Road 2.
Serein is the first project by Tata Housing in the genre of Wellness theme. If you are looking for a residential space where you can indulge with nature’s elements then look no beyond Serein in Pokran Road 2. The colorful landscapes of this locality in Thane will appeal to people from all generations.

Furnished House

The housing got ample space for various activities. Each and Every apartment will get proper access do adequate sunlight and natural ventilation. In simple words, Serein in Pokran Road 2, Thane is the place to stay if you wish to feel the essence of being connected to nature.
The apartments are well equipped with all the advanced facilities that will enhance the living standards of the inhabitants. The scenic mind-blowing view of the location will leave you speechless. Serein is located in Thane, more precisely on Pokhran Road 2.

Your neighbourhood will comprise of Upvan Lake and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There is a ample open spaces and greenery in the surrounding. The place got state of the art inrastructure connectivity will never be an issue as Thane is already included in the list of Smart Cities. Serein and the locality surrounding it in Pokran Road 2 will have running water supply and adequate power all 24hours.

Efficient public transportation, IT connectivity, solid waste management and sanitation are the other attributes of Serein. Malls like Viviana ,Korum, R-Mall in the vicinity of Pokran Road 2 to provide you with all the essentials and shopping in your routines. Schools like Singhania School, Vasant Vihar School, Billabong International School will ensure your kids dont have to travel to far off for their studies. Higher Education Institutes also have their presence in the vicinity of Serein with colleges like Dnyanasadhana College, KG Joshi College and Parshvanath College of Engineering and Pharmacy.

With Serein, Tata Housing gives very close attention to every details to ensure that you connect with nature while living in Pokran Road2.

An array of Palm trees and a green carpet will give you a feel of living in Mother Nature’s lap. Hospitals like Bethany, Jupiter and Hiranandani will provide you with all the need of medical care facilities and incase of a medical emergency and that too in the vicinity of Pokran Road 2.

Here I conclude that if you wish to avail complete luxurious standard of living, kickass modern and advanced facilities in the arms of Mother nature just like the residents of Malabar Hill, then look no beyond to Tata Housing’s Serein Project at Pokran Road 2, Thane.


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