Prabhat Dairy – Ghar Jaisa Swaad

The word “Dahi” is an Indian word also known as curd or yogurt and it’s one of the healthiest food on the planet because of its high nutrition value.
The various benefits and healing properties of Dahi make it a nutritious dish to accompany every meal. I would rather say my lunch is incomplete without Dahi as I need my bowl of this delicious dairy product even when I’m traveling or on the road.
I always prefer homemade Dahi, but last weekend I visited my farmhouse which is at Neral and bought Prabhat Dairy Dahi during my lunch hours. To my surprise, it very much tasted like homemade Dahi! (Ghar Jaisa Swaad) It’s delicious, pure and prepared from safe and healthy milk processed through the German Nutri Lock Technology.
Prabhat Dairy Dahi is rich in taste, delicious as well as creamy. Every spoon is filled with high nutrition which is very healthy for your body and skin.
Prabhat Dairy Dahi even if consumed directly is a rich source of Protein, Vitamins and Calcium.

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Prabhat Dahi

Prabhat Dairy connects with every moment of consumers’ life – from morning’s glass of milk to evening’s mouth-watering desserts. Prabhat Dairy is committed to maintaining quality and food safety at all steps of the milk processing chain from procurement of milk to the dispatch of finished products.
Prabhat Dairy believes in modern equipment, trained work force, stringent operational and quality control procedures, integrated information technology infrastructure and managerial expertise result in greater operational efficiencies as well as compliance with quality and hygiene standards.
It has established automated production facilities at Shrirampur and Navi Mumbai that are equipped with advanced technology, which ensures operational efficiencies including lower production losses, strict quality control and ability to process large orders.

Let’s take a quick look on benefits of Dahi:-

– Improves The Immune System
– Regular Consumption Makes Digestion Easy
– Manages Blood Pressure Level
– Controls Sugar Level
– Cures Brain Problem
– Loaded with Vitamin D and Calcium
– Prevents The Occurrence of Ulcers
– Reduces Risk of Allergic Disorders

Some Beauty Benefits of Dahi :-

– Lightens & Softens Skin Tone
– Makes Skin Radiant
– Removes Dead Skin Cell
– Removes Wrinkles
– Prevents Hair Loss
– Natural Cooling Effects to the Stomach
– Natural Hair Conditioner

Dahi has always been a staple food of India. In some parts of the country, Dahi Rice is the main part of the meal and mainly eaten everyday by South Indians.
Being a Dahi lover, I always explore all possibilities and never hesitate to try out Dahi recipes.

Here are my all-time favorite recipes:-




dahi vadas.jpg
Dahi Vadas

When hunger strikes, Buttermilk & Dahi Vadas are a perfect summer food for me and my entire family. Dahi has natural cooling effects, is a great mood lifter and helps enhance digestion.
The most exciting news is #Prabhat Dairy is currently organizing a contest for women of the age group of 22 to 40 years, based in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. To participate in the contest, participants have to go through these simple steps
Follow/tag Prabhat Diary on social media sites
Use the hashtag #DahiQueen #PrabhatDairy
Simply Upload a Video of you cooking a Dahi Recipe using Prabhat Dahi as the key ingredient.
The winners of the contest will be rewarded with vouchers from Prabhat Dairy and will also be crowned as the #DahiQueen.


Let’s indulge in this exciting contest and dive deep into dahi dishes. After all, who doesn’t want to be crowned as the #DahiQueen?

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