#VodaFoneU Brings #FunWithU

Youth of today cannot imagine their life without smartphones and connectivity with their friends and the latest social media and happenings around them means everything to them.

For them the biggest horror story is actually being away from their smartphones or being unconnected from social media!

Tapping into this, Vodafone has launched Vodafone ‘U’ services especially for the youth where fun,selfies and music never stops. This service allows us to be in constant touch with our friends as we have got data quota, a separate one for day as well as one for night! And even if we run out of data, we can get a data loan from Vodafone. Gone are the days of being unconnected from the world because our data pack has turned zero

The best feature I think is free and unlimited music downloads for 2 months. As a music lover, I cannot think of anything better because music rocks my world.

One step further, I also love how Vodafone has thought of keeping us always connected with our best friends by giving us a ‘3 buddies lifeline’ where we get special reduced rates of calling them. So now the youth of today will have no complaints when it comes to staying in touch with friends & families sharing music & selfies, chatting till late at night and surfing internet 24*7!

Have a keen look on some #FunWithU #VodaFoneU Features:-

Data Allowance – This allows our Fun unlimited whether its Day or Night.Keep Surfing day & night without any worries.

Data Loan – Breathe Easy with data loan of 60MB of 3G/4G for 2 days, when you need it the most.

Music – Music Heals Every Wounds, Yes, Uplift and cheer up your mood with your choice of music.Get Unlimited free music downloads for 2 months

3 Buddy Lifeline – Don’t skip the fun details of every story you’ve got to share with your besties. Call 3 of your closest friends at a special call rate of 20p/min

It was my pleasure to attend the launch event of Vodafone U on 6thMay at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli, learnt about this youth oriented feature by Vodafone and the best surprise was knowing that Vodafone has partnered with Kanan Gill, Raftaar and The Viral Fever to bring forth this new service in front of the youth!

Special Invite
Raftaar, KananGill & TheViralFever rocked the stage


YouTube Stars

These amazing Youtube stars have created a wonderful song that taps into the youth’s fun vibe of today. It was a brilliant experience to sway to their LIVE rendition on the stage. Kanan Gill also regaled us with some hilarious stories about smartphones, about texts we send by mistake which leads to huge confusions with our loved ones and those days of 1990s when we had landlines to grapple with! Everyone in the audience was in splits remembering all pre-smartphone days as well as the funny texts we have unwittingly forwarded to our friends or loved ones, that later become fodder for humor.

Sandeep Kataria , Director, Vodafone

The Viral Fever was instrumental in again reminding us the importance of humor in everything we do,including of course connectivity with our friends 24/7. Raftaar gave a performance that simply brought the house down. Everyone at Hard Rock Cafe was perfectly immersed in this atmosphere of fun & frolic. It rightly drove home the point that connectivity and entertainment are the perfect hooks for the youth of today and Vodafone U brings that to our smartphones! So now, everybody can be ready for FUN, FUN and only FUN nonstop @24*7.

vodafone.. (3).jpg

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/FunOnWithU

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/FunOnWithU

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FunOnWithU

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funonwithu/



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