The Making of Dimsums At Hotel Marine Plaza

I welcomed this month of August by learning one of my favorite dish “Dimsums” perfectly by Master Chef Huang of Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai.

This unique dish “Dimsums” has been originated with the Cantonese in China as the Chinese people always believed into a fine dining experience with their family.

I was invited for this Grand Event by Ms.Rutavi Mehta – Founder of Photokatha and Travel Blogger along with other 10 Food Bloggers, Reviewers and Explorer.

Bloggers and Chef Meet

The Event was actually about making and learning how to prepare delectable “dimsums” followed by Sit Down Lunch with varieties of Multi cuisines.

When I reached the venue — The BayView of Marine Plaza I was greeted by Hotel PR Manager and General Manager with warm welcoming ambience and this made by day just marvellous.

After Small Introduction and Welcome Drink, We all took our seats at the Very Popular — The BayView — It is Blessed with Amazing Sea View with the best decor and elegant interiors.

The table was perfectly organized and ready by the Chefs with all the required Ingredients before the Making of Dimsums began.

Chef Huang

Chef Huang is the MasterChef in making of  Chinese Dishes. He is the most Celebrated Chef having vast and extensive Knowledge of Chinese Food.His Food Journey started in the year 1982 and today is the Corporate Executive Chinese Chef behind the success of The Oriental Blossom – Chinese Restaurant at Marine Plaza.

Well, The Cooking of Delectable Dimsums started with Excitement by Chef Huang.

Dimsums Menu:-
👉Crystal Veg Dimsums
👉Crystal Chicken Dimsums
👉Veg Sui Mai Dimsums
👉Chicken Sui Mai Dimsums

Being a Proficient Chinese Chef, He quickly rolled dimsums into a perfect shape.



I curiously waited to taste the most delicious and freshest dimsums made in front of my eyes. As soon as the dimsums were steamed, we all foodies gathered to relish a bite. Well, it tasted very much flavorful than I expected..Gently steamed, the fillings retained it goodness and it was delicious.




The Best Part of this Event Was “A Surprise Contest” Our bloggers team was divided into two and we all tried to be Mr and Mrs Perfectionist.

Well, we all was inspired by Chef and I was enthusiastic to try my hands on it and this contest was the right opportunity.

My Team Making Dimsums


Fortunately, The Chef found our handmade dimsums more authentic and presentable and Yes, My Gang of Girlies nailed it.

Winsome Moment

A bit later we all moved to The Oriental Blossom for our Sit Down Lunch as hosted by Rutavi

The Round Table was ready and was awaiting to welcome the Gang of Foodies. I was amazed to see the Menu of our Lunch because it looked really very yummy.


SPECIAL MENU FOR THE DAY was really special and I loved each and every bite of Appetizers and Main Course served us.

Special Menu for the Day

The most I rejoiced was Veg Chimney Soup with Chopped Vegetables & Paneer and Steam Jade Rolls topped with Garlic Sauce – These appetizers were intensely flavorsome.

Veg Chimney Soup


Eight Treasure Veg Nest



The Main course looked Luscious and Mouthwatering and well it was a perfect scrumptious Lunch I enjoyed with  fellow bloggers discussing topics like food and fitness.

I was so much inspired by the Chef that a week later I decided to turn A Boring Sunday into “Dimsums Sunday”as it was cloudy day so I was craving for something Exotic as well as Healthy Hot Dish I thought Why not I should try my hands on Dimsums.

I always avoided making this into my own kitchen because they sound complicated to me but actually its easy and Undoubtely, an innovative low calorie recipe with healthy fillings.


I made Chicken and Veg Dimsums and it turned out very well not all were into right shape but it was darn good and  delicious and tasted Yum..Yum.

The overall credits goes to Chef Huang for awakening a Foodie Soul into a Chef techniques.

It’s always pleasure to enjoy the Chinese meals when cooked with passion by Chefs like Chef Huang.

If you are looking for sumptuous Chinese meal then Do drop by The Oriental Blossom for fab and enticing experience with your friends and family.

Photography — Tinkesh A – Twitter handle (__Shutterbug)
Website —

Host — Ms Rutavi Mehta ( Travel Blogger and Founder of Photokatha)

Venue — Hotel Marine Plaza
Marine Drive, Mumbai


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