Mango Cream Delight

First Blog Post!!!

Well, I’m not really into blogging but just trying to see how better I’m at my writing skills 🙂

This is my first blog which wasn’t expected but a great recipe came into my mind & here I decided to share with all Bloggerhites 😉

In India, People Loves to welcome Summer despite of Scorching heat just to Enjoy This King of Fruits – Mangoes!

Recently, Mom visited me with 8 Dozens of Mangoes actually it’s no more Sunday or Monday but  A Mango-Day for us, munching on Chopped Mangoes, Mango Juice & Milkshake everyday but still couldn’t finish those mangoes!

So I decided to make a twist with Mangoes along with Fresh Cream!

Have you ever had mangoes with cream? If not, Try out this tempting recipe and am sure you will keep trying again and again!

Mango Cream Delight

Mango Cream Delight is a perfect blend of Mangoes & Cream, A Yummy Dessert which can be prepared in 10mins.


4 Alphonso Mangoes
1 Pack of Amul Fresh Cream or Whipped Cream
2 Spoonful of Amul Mithai Mate
2 Spoonful of Powdered Sugar

Method :-

1) Chop the 2 Mangoes into small pieces and keep aside.


2) Chop the Other 2 Mangoes & Beat it with Pouring Powdered Sugar & Water
It should be little thick


3) Now, Whisk the Fresh Cream with a Spoonful of Mithai Mate (Condensed milk)


4) Place The Glass and First Pour The Mango Juice, On the top of it layer the Glass with Cream & Place Small pieces of Mangoes
Also, you can serve with Chopped Almonds as



5) Refrigerator it at least for an hour to Enjoy this Chilled Real & Healthy Dessert!

Do Share Your Experience once you try this Dessert till then Stay Happy, Stay Safe 🙂

Thanks for Reading & Sparing Your Precious Time!!

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